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Posts: 21
Registered: ‎May 14 2010

How to Turn on and Turn off radio(Wifi)

Hi Guys,


I need help one more time.

I developed a aplication for configure Wifi using Communication Resource Kit, I posted any doubts here.

In this moment my problem is how to turn on and Turn of Radio(WIFI) is possible to do this using Communications Resource Kit?


Danilo Silva


Posts: 642
Registered: ‎January 28 2009

Re: How to Turn on and Turn off radio(Wifi)

There are several posts on the Dev Forum that describe how to enable/disable Wi-Fi.  Do a search of "WLAN off" and then take a look at some of the posts that come back.

George Brown
Systems Engineer
Posts: 21
Registered: ‎May 14 2010

Re: How to Turn on and Turn off radio(Wifi)

Hi GeorgeBrown,


Before of post this topic, I searched for "WLAN ON/OFF", "WIFI ON/OFF", "how to disable wifi with Communications Resourse Kit" and I read manual, but I did not find that.


I need of a way to do that using Communications Resourse Kit.

Intermec Expert
Posts: 2,412
Registered: ‎January 29 2009

Re: How to Turn on and Turn off radio(Wifi)



the communications resource kit provides two network tools functions for this:


Loads the specified network device. Can also load the specified device whether or not another device is present.

Unloads the specified device. Can also unload the specified device only if it is present.


See the document Communications_Resource_Kit.chm for all functions provided by the CRK


You may also use the Device Management Resource Kit and disable/enable the 802.11 adapter.



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<DevInfo Action="Set" Persist="true">
<Subsystem Name="Communications">
<Group Name="802.11 Radio">
<Field Name="Radio Enabled">1</Field>


Use this as xml file for ITCSSAPI.ConfigFromFile or without the <xml and DevInfo lines for ITCSSAPI.Set






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