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Registered: ‎January 25 2012

Deleting files in SSConfigDir folder



I'm developing a pogram that copies some files to the 'SmartSystems\SSConfigDir' and then waits for their respective output files (for example, if the file copied is 'wifi.xml', it will look for 'wifi.xml_out').

Before this, the program already checks for the 'SaveCfgFiles=1' value in the registry (HKLM\Software\Intermec\SSClient).


Before copying files, I need to ensure that the folder is empty, so I try to delete any file in there. C# code follows:


                String[] files = Directory.GetFiles(@"\SmartSystems\SSConfigDir");
                foreach (String f in files)
                return true;
            catch (Exception ex)
                MessageBox.Show(ex.Message, "Deleting files", MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Hand, MessageBoxDefaultButton.Button1);
                return false;


I'm getting a System.IO.IOException every time: "Access to the path '\SmartSystems\SSConfigDir\Phone.xml_ss' is denied"


Is deleting forbidden by any reason? If so, is there a way to clean all the files in the folder (maybe using another xml in SmartConfig to delete all files...)??


Thank you in advance

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Re: Deleting files in SSConfigDir folder

[ Edited ]

Your trying to delete a file right?


Wouldn't you want to use File.Delete() instead of Directory.Delete()?


File.Delete Method