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Posts: 25
Registered: ‎February 16 2009

Delete Programs folder icons in _sstransferagent.xml

Hi everyone!


I'm trying to craft a _sstransferagent.xml for a CN50 device. Part of the process implies to empty the Programs icons (\Windows\Start Menu\Programs) and copy new icons for the few programs that will be allowed to be run.


In the XML file I have this section:

<DeleteFile File="\Windows\Start Menu\Calendar.lnk"/> <DeleteFile File="\Windows\Start Menu\Contacts.lnk"/> <DeleteFile File="\Windows\Start Menu\Help.lnk"/> <DeleteFile File="\Windows\Start Menu\Internet Explorer.lnk"/> <DeleteFile File="\Windows\Start Menu\Messaging.lnk"/> <DeleteFile File="\Windows\Start Menu\Phone.lnk"/> <DeleteFile File="\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\ActiveSync.lnk"/>
<DeleteFile File="\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Calculator.lnk"/> <DeleteFile File="\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\File Explorer.lnk"/> <DeleteFile File="\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Internet Sharing.lnk"/> <DeleteFile File="\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Modem Link.lnk"/> <DeleteFile File="\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Notes.lnk"/> <DeleteFile File="\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Search.lnk"/> <DeleteFile File="\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\SIM Toolkit.lnk"/> <DeleteFile File="\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Tasks.lnk"/> <DeleteFile File="\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Afaria.lnk"/> <DeleteFile File="\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Getting Started.lnk"/> <DeleteFile File="\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Messenger.lnk"/> <DeleteFile File="\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Pictures & Videos.lnk"/> <DeleteFile File="\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Task Manager.lnk"/> <DeleteFile File="\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Windows Live.lnk"/> <DeleteFile File="\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Windows Media.lnk"/> <DeleteDir Dir="\Windows\Start Menu\Office Mobile"/> <DeleteDir Dir="\Windows\Start Menu\Games"/>

After a clean boot, I've found that many icons still remain, and the Games folder. Examining the sstransferagent.txt log file I find some 'Delete File Failed' messages. I've been investigating and I've found that the icons that are not removed (Getting Started, Messenger, Task Manager, Windows Live, Windows Media) they are all marked as Read Only.


Could this be the reason why _sstransferagent.xml cannot delete them? Is there any possibility to SSTransferAgent delete these files or an alternative solution?


Also, deleting the Games folder doesn't work. The log says:

Del-\Windows\Start Menu\Games
DelDir1 err - 3


Curiously I found no problem deleting the Office Mobile folder.


Any suggestion?


Thanks in advance


Posts: 25
Registered: ‎February 16 2009

Re: Delete Programs folder icons in _sstransferagent.xml



I finally decided to remove the entire folder, so the problem is partially solved (strange why cannot delete individual files but can delete the folder itself without any problem). Now I have this code:

<DeleteDir Dir="\Windows\Start Menu\Programs"/> <DeleteDir Dir="\Windows\Start Menu\Office Mobile"/> <DeleteDir Dir="\Windows\Start Menu\Settings"/>


I get an error trying to delete the Settings Folder:

DelDir1 err -18.


Any idea of what means this error code?

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Registered: ‎January 10 2012

Re: Delete Programs folder icons in _sstransferagent.xml



I am also trying to move or delete the shortcuts to Microsoft apps in the start menu.  However, I am not having success using either the DeleteDir Element or the File Element. 


I working with a CK3 on WM6.1. 


Could you please share how you have been able to accomplish this?  Thanks in advance for your help!



<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!-- Delete Mobile short cuts in start menu -->
    <Device Type="C" Family="K" Model="3"> 
            <!-- Delete Office Mobile directory and shortcuts -->
            <DeleteDir Dir="\Windows\Start Menu\Office Mobile" />




<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<DevInfo Action="Set">
 <Subsystem Name="SS_Client">
  <Group Name="FileSystem">
       <Field Name="Delete">\Windows\Start Menu\Calendar.lnk</Field>
       <Field Name="Delete">\Windows\Start Menu\Contacts.lnk</Field>
       <Field Name="Delete">\Windows\Start Menu\Help.lnk</Field>
       <Field Name="Delete">\Windows\Start Menu\Internet Explorer.lnk</Field>
       <Field Name="Delete">\Windows\Start Menu\Messaging.lnk</Field>
       <Field Name="Delete">\Windows\Start Menu\Tasks.lnk</Field>

Intermec Expert
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Registered: ‎January 29 2009

Re: Delete Programs folder icons in _sstransferagent.xml



when you see files on a windows ce or windows mobile device, you have to distinguish between XIP files (Files in ROM) and object store files. You cannot delete XIP files on such devices.


AFAIR lnk files (links to programs) have been part of ROM in the past. But that may be different for the one or other file.


If you want to lock down a device, there are other approaches like Intermec Launcher or Blacklists to keep the user from doing unwnated things on a device.





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New Knowledgebase:
Posts: 5
Registered: ‎January 10 2012

Re: Delete Programs folder icons in _sstransferagent.xml

Thank You Josef ! 

I was able to do this with the blacklist registry settings on your site. 

I appreciate your help!