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Registered: ‎January 29 2009

Locate errors in SmartSystem XML out files

In the past I have constructed several xml files to config an intermec device (ie CN3). During testing the xml files I always enable the SaveCfgFile option and the SmartSystems agent on the device saves an 'answer' to my config tryout. The 'anser' is named like my xml config file with the extension of .out. Unfortunately it si not always esay to find the error location, as there will be an error in the root of the xml and then at one or more settings. I also find it hard to look at the docs to find more about the error code and so I started XMLcheck. It will parse the XML out file produced by SmartSytems and colorize the errors, expnads the tree(s) to the errors and adds some information about the error (as far as I could find docs about them). There is a PC and a device version of XMLcheck.






















have fun




BTW: Dont contact me about this stupid error I have in the XML checked in the screenshot

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